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Behind The Red Light District: October 2020

Sep 9th 2020, 10:08 pm
Posted by leathamaci

That this law is not just pure insanity, violating the privacy rights of sex workers by making it legal to trespass their homes, and criminalizing sex workers if they don't have a permit which becomes more difficult to get than it already is. Holland is moving more into criminalizing sex workers, violating their privacy rights and is moving away from Amnesty's proposal to decriminalize it and protect sex workers their rights. Why? Simply because they are sex workers, not because it is in any way visible or noticeable on the outside. This goes for all sex workers, including sex workers that work from their own house, meaning they would be required to get a permit. Not to the sex worker itself however, but to the brothel owners, meaning that if they allow this woman to work they could loose their permit, https://18escortgirls.com/escortsgirls/#נערות ליווי and the whole brothel has to close down. So what happens is that this already vulnrable sex worker either moves into illegal prostitution, or moves to another city, which has different rules, and does not require such an intake, meaning they can work without problem over there. According to the ministery of Justice such a law is needed because at the moment there are too many differences between cities, this causing sex workers moving from one city to the next.

And choice or escorts no choice, the fact remains there is a systemic and gender imbalance in the world that makes it easier for many girls like me to make those same choices. Yes, that's right! People do webcam work all over the world without problem, but in Holland they would need to get a permit for this. Yes, that's right! Holland is allowing police more reasons to harass sex workers than they already had. It's almost as if this new law wants more illegal working prostitutes in stead of more legal businesses they can control. But more over, נערות ליווי בתל אביב this law is just criminalizing sex workers more, giving them less rights, and this goes in directly against Amnesty their call to decriminalize sex workers and giving them more in stead of less rights! That's right, sex workers are being discriminated with this law to be trespassed, a first time ever! That's right, Holland is going to throw sex workers in jail for not having a permit, which funny enough they can hardly ever get, because hardly ever do cities give out permits for prostitution, because nobody wants prostitution in their neighborhood. Forget about it! In fact, https://18escortgirls.com/escortsgirls/#נערות ליווי they make it even easier for cities to refuse permits!

In other words, to make sure there's not a pimp secretly behind the scenes arranging everything. Now, if you thought that this new law might perhaps make it easier to get a new permit, since they now make you punishable if you don't have one. From the 12th of October parliament will vote on the new prostitution law in Holland, the so called WRP (Wet Regulering Prostitutie). Unified rules in all of Holland, so sex workers who fail to pass the requirements, will not move elsewhere. Already the main problem with prostitution in Holland, is the shortage of workplaces due to the constant closures of legal workplaces (40% has been closed down already), while it's impossible to get a permit for a new workplace. But now they actually want to throw sex workers in jail for not being able to get this impossible to get permit. I am not ashamed of what I did, I do not want to forget what has made me who I am today and I am NOT defined by what I did for a living (god knows I've had my fair share of crappy jobs that I wouldn't want to be defined by). This intake is aimed at making sure sex workers are independent enough to do this job.

An example of that can be found in the intake interview sex workers have to take in Amsterdam. If you adored this article and you simply would like to receive more info about https://18escortgirls.com/escortsgirls/#נערות ליווי i implore you to visit our own web site. One of those things to check if sex workers are independent enough, is for example a language test.

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