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How To Get Free V Bucks (2020 Guide)

Sep 11th 2020, 7:56 am
Posted by chestersol
How To Get Free V Bucks (2020 Guide)

If you wish to buy harvesting tools, skins, and other foundation items on Fortnite, you will have to earn V-Bucks. Here in this article we will show methods to get free v bucks including best apps to achieve it.Because the best things in life are free - especially free money. Or in this case, free Fortnite money (V-Bucks).
Like most online multiplayer platforms, Epic Games’ Fortnite will not allow you to but items with real money.
If you wish to buy harvesting tools, skins, and other foundation items on Fortnite, you will have to earn V-Bucks, either by purchasing or unlocking them.
Hence our titular question of how to get free V Bucks?
V-Bucks are the in-game currency for Fortnite’s Battle Royale.
They can be used by players to pay for Battle Passes, pickaxes, emotes, new skins, gliders, and a host of other useful items.
While Fortnite can still be played for free without having to use extra V Bucks, the rewards that players can access will be limited considerably.
And while you can buy V-Bucks with actual money, there are also lots of ways to grab some free V Bucks.
However, because Epic Games wants more players to pay cash before they can enjoy Battle Royale’s premium offers, it doesn't provide many free methods for getting your free V Bucks.
Fortnite V Bucks have now become a valuable commodity.
Sadly, this has also led to an increase in the deceitful methods circulating online that supposedly get you free Fortnite V Bucks.
Don’t be deceived; the easiest and most legitimate ways to earn your free V Bucks are while playing Fortnite.
Mostly through accumulating experience points and leveling up once your Fortnite Missions are complete, or you can buy them from within the Fortnite game itself.


But did you know that we now have the option of using recommended apps to get Free V Bucks?
You’ll find more details right here:

A Brief History Of Fortnite
The first Fortnite game was released in 2011. It was a third-person shooter cooperative game of survival.
The original Fortnite required players to mine for the resources they needed to build structures while they explored the virtual world map.
These actions were crucial for protection against the host of undead zombie-like creatures.
It is this gaming style that has now developed into Fortnite Save the World; the awesome standalone game we have come to know and love.
By 2017, Battle Royale, a brand new 100-player game from Fortnite, hit the market with the same vibrant, cartoony effects from the first Fortnite game.
Also, the legal tender from the original game remained unchanged.
Players had to amass these V Bucks for use in purchasing ornamental items for their virtual characters.
Fortnite’s popularity grew up to the point that players looked for ways to acquire free V Bucks online as well as in the game.
It is also our job to show you how to get free V bucks. We’ve already sampled the most consistent apps developed for this purpose.

You’ll find our thoughts on each one below:

Here Are The Top 5 Apps to Earn Fortnite Free V Bucks

1. V Bucks Guide for Fortnite
This free app offers a complete set of tools, tricks, and the best hacks for getting free V Bucks.
Any true Fortnite fan knows they will need some extra cheats to fully enjoy this game.
This is one of our top app recommendations that help players gather all the free V Bucks they can possibly get.
As you may have already guessed from its title, this software also comes with a complete guide on how to get free V Bucks in your Fortnite account.
You’ll also find a chat room plus a reminder tool inside this handy app.
Moreover, this freeware is supported by iPhone, iPad, & iPod touch mobile systems and is well-suited to iOS 11.1 as well as later editions.
The Family Sharing option is yet another noteworthy feature on this app, and it allows for as many as six other people to make use of it at the same time.


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