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Favorite Theme Page Removed from WordPress Directory

Sep 11th 2020, 2:55 pm
Posted by eetadalber
Not so long ago, a Featured Theme page was removed from the WordPress Theme Catalog. Previously, this page was the first to be issued to visitors to the catalog. Now a list of popular topics is displayed instead. This change was only applied to WordPress.org; in the WordPress admin area everything is still the same. The randomly generated list of favorites has not changed since it appeared in 2014. Over the past 6 years, volunteers have come up with a lot of ideas related to the topic catalog page.

In many ways, this page is the face of VisualModo Music V.2.1.7 WordPress Theme Nulled Download - at least for WordPress Page Designer Download those users who are looking for their first theme. However, Nulled Download not a single idea gained enough momentum for subsequent discussions. Complete deletion of your favorite topics is not an easy task. You cannot just take and delete a page from WordPress.org, because there is an API endpoint that is responsible for this list, Download FoodKit Download and the WordPress core receives themes directly from WordPress.org.

Even if this endpoint is deleted, we will still be dealing with years of backward compatibility with previous versions of WordPress. Therefore, at this stage, completely deleting the page is not a suitable solution. A note to the commit indicates that the current page deletion is temporary. The idea is to change this page to a curated list of selected topics. However, such a proposal may end up for many years.

It is unclear whether this project is waiting for any movement, because we lived for 6 years with a randomly generated list of topics. What happened to the curated favorites list? In October, the WordPress theme review team decided to create a separate system to display a curated list of selected topics. The initial plan was for team representatives to hone all the details and pave the way forward. However, the idea, as it turned out, completely failed. After the initial decision, no public discussions were followed.

"It was very difficult to identify the requirements that we would make for topics," said Carolina Naimark, representative of the topic review team. "For example, the presence of keyboard navigation, the lack of upsale. However, all this greatly limited the selection of available topics. " The idea of ​​the supervised topics was to display the best solutions on the page. Apparently, this meant the application of increased requirements and a complete absence of commercial interests.

Such control over the list would greatly hinder sales. Supervision should not be the impetus for excellence. Uniqueness is able to give more space for flexibility. "We did not hold any meetings with the ballots, because there were fears that people would start to advocate only for their own topic, the topics of their friends, etc.," said Carolina. "It would be too easy to push your product for profit." Such backstage schemes were a serious problem for various team programs in the past.

A curated list based on strict criteria would lead to the same products spinning on the page with selected topics, and there would be very few of them. The team tried to find other approaches. However, they were all unsuccessful. "We could not find a solution that would have seemed fair to the authors," Carolina said. "Then we had a video call with Joseph Hayden, the executive director of WordPress, during which she said that the theme review team should not choose their favorite topics.

And that was all over. " Ari Stratopoulos, Download a spokesperson for the theme review team, highlighted another issue with this approach.

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